This article is from a series about operatic voice types.  If you haven't read the other articles, you might want to start at here first.

This week is all about sopranos, and yesterday we talked about three different types (fach): Soubrette, Lyric Coloratura, and Lyric Soprano.  Today we will explore the other soprano fachs: Dramatic Coloratura, Spinto Soprano, Dramatic Soprano, and Wagnerian Soprano.  

Dramatic Coloratura

Dramatic Coloraturas usually have a voice that is similar to a lyri...

It seems like there are a lot of references to operatic sopranos in popular culture, such as the lady with the horns and the braids, but not many people know how diverse soprano voice types can be.  Did you know the lady with the horns and the braids refers to a specific soprano character in some of Wagner's operas, and that a vast majority of sopranos will never sing that role because their voice is not the right type? 

In last week's Artist Journal we focused on operatic voice types and ho...

Who knew casting could be so difficult!?  Well, we did, but this year we had even more fantastic singers audition for us than usual, so it has been tough.  Singers who auditioned for us, you will hear soon about casting; thanks for your patience!

Many of our audience members might not have understood the meme we posted after auditions a couple weeks ago.  

The joke is: there are way more sopranos than any other voice type.  The “By Voice Alone” competition in London figured out that in 2019, 6...

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