Imogen by Elizabeth Rudolph


Kymbeline, spinto/dramatic soprano

Range: B4- A6

Tessitura: F4-G5

Regan, light lyric coloratura soprano

Range: F4-Eb6

Tessitura: A5-A6

Pisaniu, soubrette

Range: C4-Bb6


Belariu, full lyric soprano

Range: D4-Bb6

Tessitura: F4-G5

Philipiu/Dr. Corneliu, soprano

Range: E4-A6

Tessitura: F4-F5

Guideriu, soprano

Range: D4-A6

Tessitura: G4-G5

Imogen, lyric mezzo-soprano

Range: G3-A6

Tessitura: C4-E5

Cloten, contralto

Range: F#3-F#5

Tessitura: B4-D5

Arviragu/Nola, mezzo-soprano

Range: B4-G5

Tessitura: D4-D5

Iachime, tenor

Range: E3-B5

Tessitura: F3-G4

Leonate, baritone

Range: A3-G4

Tessitura: C3-D4


Final Read-Through:

Friday, November 22

Rehearsal Dates (most characters will not be called every time, rehearsals will be held in the evenings):

10/29, 11/3

11/4, 11/5, 11/9, 11/10

11/12, 11/14, 11/16, 11/17

11/18, 11/19, 11/21


Music Director & Pianist: Myron Silberstein

Stage Director: Aaron Hunt

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